integrity. stability. progress

Public Safety


Public Safety remains a focus for Mayor Perea.

  • Over $1 million invested for NEW firetrucks and equipment
  • Improved pay for fire fighters
  • Improved City's ISO safety rating from 7 to 5, helping bring down insurance rates for homeowners
  • Sunland Park is one of the safest cities in New Mexico
  • Replaced aging police fleet with brand NEW vehicles
  • Purchased NEW laptops for officers to work in field
  • Improved relationships with law enforcement agencies at all levels of government
  • Police department was accepted into accreditation program for police departments
  • Improved working conditions in police department
  • Improved security for files, evidence, and armory
  • Improved  pay for law enforcement



After the 2012 scandal and financial supervisory takeover of the city, Javier Perea was appointed as mayor by the Council.

  • Brought order and improved decorum of public meetings
  • Stabilized government and removed employee furloughs
  • Adopted NEW financial policies
  • Improved the City's financial outlook from a deficit to a surplus.
  • Assumed full oversight of finances back from the New Mexico Department Finance and Administration
  • Received the 2017 New Mexico Infrastructure Finance Conference Best Practices award for finance
  • Revenues exceeded operation expenditures every year since taking office
  • Increased the city's cash reserve requirements 
  • Improved financial audits from close to 50 findings in 2011-2012 down to 0 in 2016.  A first in over 20 years!

Public Works


Mayor Perea brought millions of dollars in funding for infrastructure:

  • Purchased NEW Anapra pump station to address flooding
  • Street improvements completed on First through Fifth Streets, Santa Teresita, and Findley Court
  • Streets in progress include Crawford, Memorial Pines, Sunland Park Dr., Riverside (subdivision), and Anapra (subdivision)
  • Placed NEW, LED, energy efficient lighting on McNutt Rd. and Sunland Park Dr.
  • Built NEW public works/maintenance building for better security of equipment and maintenance of vehicles
  •  Expanded the "old bank building" and placed public works and community development into one centralized location
  • Replaced aging fleet with NEW vehicles
  • Improved solid waste program that was failing, inconsistent, and operating at a deficit. 
  • Installed solar panels at City Hall

Community Development


Mayor Perea is a strong advocate for responsible growth and economic development.

  • Worked with the State of New Mexico to secure Stampede Meats, bringing 1300 NEW jobs to the area over the next few years
  • Adopted the City's FIRST comprehensive master plan!  
  • Created NEW positions focused on economic development
  • Sunland Park has become one of the fastest growing cities in New Mexico
  • Hundreds of NEW homes built in our city every year
  • Worked diligently with Sunland Park RaceTrack and Casino to build the first NEW Hotel in Sunland Park
  • Implemented NEW lodger's tax and created a NEW Lodger's Tax Board
  • Re-established the Planning and Zoning Commission with NEW members with diverse backgrounds
  • Secured $1+ million for bus route 83
  • Established NEW bus route through SCRTD providing transit connections to Dona Ana County and Las Cruces

Quality of Life


The City has seen improvements in public spaces and continues to invest in clean and safe environments to live, work, and play!

  • Secured funding for a NEW splash pad at the Sports Complex - COMIING SOON!
  • Reopened the community library and consistently have reading programs for kids
  • Implemented several clean up campaigns collecting many tons of trash and tires across the community
  • Partnered with Southern New Mexico Project to clean areas across the City
  • Brought NEW recyclying and grappler service to the community
  • Added NEW murals/art under the Sunland Park Dr. bridge 
  • Improved Mender Park by fixing sprinkler systems, cleaning brush, and adding shade 
  • Improved Elena Memorial Park with basketball cage, sprinkler system, shade, benches, water fountain, and new memorial sitting area with plaque honoring Maria Elena
  • Replaced deficient sprinkler system and added a concession stand at the Sports Complex (In process to secure a liquor license for events)
  • Secured funding for a NEW playground for the Valencias -COMING SOON!
  • Added parks in new developments



Mayor Perea has been successful working across many agencies and understands that progress happens through collaboration across many organizations.  

  • South Central Regional Transit District, Chairman 2018-2019
  • Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority, Chairman 2018-2019
  • El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization, Chairman 2018-2019, Vice-Chairman 2017-2018
  • New Mexico Municipal League, Vice President 2019, Member of Board of Directors 2018-2019
  • South Central Council of Governments, Board member
  • Chief Elected Officials, Board member
  • South Central Solid Waste Authority, ex-officio member
  • and member of many other committees across New Mexico.
  • Mayor Perea has received training by the NMML and is a certified municipal official since 2014